What’s New Wednesday

I have seen and heard a few people talking about certain products from Beauty Treats and after my local dollar store stocked up on this little gem, I grabbed the chance to get it.

This is their 12 eyeshadow pallette. Their regular ones with a mix of matte and shimmers and a few satin finish ones too. There is just 1 matte shade here and the rest have some form of shimmer.

This is in 04-smoky. Lots of smokey neutrals. A mix of warm and cool shades and quality is great. You can divide this into a mix of duos, trios and quads. Take the top 3 shades on the left, classic black smokey. Combinations are endless.

This is a new base I bought from a coworker. It’s Etude houses bb-dation. A 8 in one product that feels like a bb cream but later develops into aa foundation. If that makes sense. No shade range and it’s a very light almost white base but eventually mixes in with the skin. Testing this out, review to come.

This is the colorfull lipstick, sheer and shine lipstick. This is a lipstick that is supposed to be a sheer finish lipstick.

Mine would be in the shade: Allure. A deep pink with gold shimmer mixed in. This feels like a balm/gloss highbrid. This goes on sheer but color show up sfter a bibit. Color is buildable.

I wore these to work and they held out great. Classic black smokey and neutral other colors made for an easy look. Lipstick needed to be reapplied but over all great quality for each.

Sorry to be late. Pictures couldn’t be uploaded fast enough. 

Thanks for reading.

More to come soon. Stay Beautiful!

❤ Ren


I’m Back

After months of being witwithout my computer or phone, I’m ready to come back. My gadgets broke so I wasn’t compelled to update as much. Typing on a screen isn’t what I would usually do because I feel that typing on a keyboard feels much better but for now I’ll make due.

I’ll be posting a nnew article tonight for my What’s New Wednesdays. I have sso much to share.

Stay Beautiful!

Love, Ren.

Tuesday Update: DIY Magnetic Earrings

Hi Everyone, It’s been a while and I have so much to share.


My Phone and camera got damaged so I was handicapped on blogging for a while. Here we go 🙂

I love Rupaul’s Drag race and especially the new Season (All Starts 2) has gotten me hooked. One of the reasons I love watching the show is seeing their transformations. The outfits, the makeup , the jewelry and all that is something I look forward to when watching the show.

Drag queens are over the top with what they do, well most of them. Jewelry is no exception. Massive earring, necklaces, ring and bracelets are part of a drag queen’s arsenal and I thought, “why don’t I make my own?” And here is how I did just that. Plus I don’t have piercings and Clip ons are scarce here.



Try to find ones with varying Sizes. The ones here are just one size, somewhat large.

Remember: The larger the magnet, the greater the surface Area to add in Stones.


Find varying sizes and imagine up some good combinations with the stones you have. You may use costume jewelry as well.


I used a gel adhesive super glue. You may use the E6000 if you have it. I don’t because it sold out locally T-T


Give it some shine with clear polish or paint the magnet to make it less noticeable.


  • Take two magnets and pull them apart. Find the sides that connect and mark them. These will close around the ear so that they stay in place. Be careful with this because if you use the side that repels, it will just be a bit of a waste.
  • One magnet will have the stones the other will be the back. Decide which is which and start gluing your stones on there. I use A giant one or a cabuchon like the rose ones I showed earlier and your done.
  • For the back piece you can glue a more simple stone at the backing.
  • You may also use a small loop of wire for a more customizable piece:

Try to be creative and use other things such as old earring and stuff you see at a craft store. Have fun and be creative.

I hoped you like this. Please leave a like or comment. I’ll be showcasing the ones I’ve made in a future article.


Stay Beautiful and creative.

❤ Ren

What’s New Wednesdays

Hey Everyone! Long time no update and I feel like it’s long overdue!

Today I’m sharing a few things I’ve accumulated from the past month and sharing them with you plus mini reviews.

The reviews I will be making will be based on One Question: Will I buy this again?

Let’s get started.


One of my biggest buys this month is this 6 in 1 contour palette top to shades are classified as highlights (They are matte) Below two are Obviously contour and the side 2 are somewhat transition/bronzer type powders.

My thoughts: I wouldn’t buy this again. Cost 200 PHP


Swatches show what type of finish I got.

Highlight: Chalky and stark. One is pure white and the other is a yellowy powder, Eyebrow highlight can be done with this but for face or cheeks, not much. Setting powder: probably.

Contour: Lighter shade has a red undertone and when I tried doing light contour, it was like red clay was streaked over me contour lines. The darker one was usable but it had a grey undertone that didn’t give a natural look to say the least.

Bronzers: These are the best for me, The bottom right has shimmer that gives a warm glow and the top right one can give a nudey blush sorta vibe.

I’d give this 4 out of 10 stars. Is a contour palette really necessary? – Comment below 🙂


I’ve mentioned Sophie Paris products before so as a favor to a friend I bought a few more to try out. Total cost of Products 230 Php + 95 PHP


This is the best in the bunch. This is the Sophie Paris Magic Pink Cream.

This functions like the Frog Prince Cream blush where each application differs from person to person. It adapts to the persons body temperature to get a different flush for each person.

I love this because it cuts my makeup time, I dab a bit on my finger and circle this around my cheeks and boom, instant glow. I like the fact it’s very natural looking and blends into the skin.

Would I buy this Again? Definitely! Cost 95 Php


Strawberry Milkshake Lip-Balm.

As a lip Balm I’d rate this low. It does what it does, add moisture but It also cancels out your lip color giving it a pale pink color which is disturbing to look at and It’s so sweet! I like flavored balms but this one feels like your running candy over it and just wanna lick it off.

Would I buy this again: No, Pass. There are better options there and cost less. This is 110 PHP


Quick Fresh Face Mist with Hyaluronic acid.

I’ve heard great things about Hyaluronic acid: Pardon my spelling. This can be spritz on before or after makeup. I love it. It’s like a Primer and moisturizer in one. It lessens the size of my pores and it feels like you’ve just sprayed fancy water on your face and I love it. No scent though sorry.

Would I buy this again? I already Pre-ordered one as a back up. Cost 120 Php


I previously shared a haul where I bought an Ecotools mini brush set and loved it. I ordered a full sized single which is their Finishing Kabuki brush and I love it. Soft to the touch and it’s dual fiber too. Only problem is, I’m not sure where to use this exactly. I’ve just used this to dust on powder.

Would I buy this again? On the fence about it.Cost 150 Php


Don’t let the name fool you, I’m not sure if Anastasia has this lip color line.

This is a retractable Chubby stick in the Shade Aanty which is a straight up concealer on my lips type of shade. I like it for that super barely there nude lip but it needs work to achieve it. I like this, not loving it.

Would I buy This again?: Yes but in a few different shades.120 PHP each shade

So that’s it for today, I need to get to bed and I hope you like what I shared.

Stay Beautiful!

❤ Ren

Monday Mini Makeup Haul

Hey Everyone, Happy start of the week. I’m trying to update as much as I can. I’m thinking of schedules and all that stuff and hopefully I can be consistent.

Today I’m sharing a mini haul of beauty type things. I won’t go in depth just a sorta show and tell and not a review but look out for that.


Japan Home Brand Eyeshadow Palette

Mini Review: These are almost all satin and very light. Love the selection. Wish the darker colors were darker but this is just good enough for simple understated eye looks. A good base can enhance the color but with just a bare eye they are subtle.

Ecotools 4 Pc. Mini brush set

Love this, it come with an eco pouch too. it comes with a shadow/ concealer brush, mini Kabuki, a blush/contour brush and a blending brush. Love these brushes. quality is good and eco friendly

Kiss Proof Cream to powder lip Pencil and Black eyelash Glue.(Daiso)

This has to be my most favorite purchase as I have been in search of a good nude and this Kiss Proof Lip Pencil #17 is a god send. It’s matte, semi comfortable and the color is what I’ve been looking for.

One thing I don’t like about this though is that when applied on dry lips it just crumbles as to when I wear a balm first then glide it on. Also I wasn’t aware that this was a pencil. It looks retractable but no you have to have a sharpener that you have to buy separately other than that I love this.

Black eyelash glue: Eyelashes + Liner and bam! Done. I am not adept at lashes so I’m practicing.

That’s it for today everyone. Thanks for reading.

Stay Beautiful!

❤ Ren

Super HUGE! Thrift Haul

Hi Everyone and OMG, it has been such a long time since I last updated. I have been busy but it doesn’t mean I’ve been neglecting my duties to my blog. I’m thinking of ways to actually improve it. Everyone is just so nice and supportive I really like how we get connected here.

This Isn’t Even Half

Anyway, today I’ll be sharing a super huge thrift haul I did for the past weeks, I discovered this quaint little thrift store en route from work and I have been a recurring customer and the lady that sells the clothes is so nice.

Whenever I but quite a few pieces she will cut one outfit’s price in half or throw it in as a bonus so I’m really a fan of that store.

I’ve bought tops, dresses and skirts. Some shoes even though they were too small. I can make them work.

I bought some outfits because I can see the potential of repurposing it or changing it up. There are also some pieves that are studed with rhinestones that cost almost nothing and I end up taking those out and keeping them for jewelry and give the ones I don’t like or didn’t fit away to friends and Family.

Here are some of my favorite pieces:

This was the first gown I bought and it cost me 100 php which is around 2-3 $ and I couldn’t be happier. It reminds me of Cinderella’s Gown and you guys know how much I love her. I wore this to my first gay pageant at my company and won 3rd princess 🙂 It was a nice time and I’ll be writing about it soon.

This gown is Stunning! (*Cough* too small *cough*) I can make this work, it laces up in the back, all I have to worry about is my hips cause this is so fitted that sitting down is almost not an option but the details though.

I already alterd this a bit. Originally this had a asymmetric shoulder whete the design connects from the front to the shoulder. I cut that out and added it to the back of the dress.

Another red gown but this one is A-Line and is so long that it pools around my feel even with 4 inch heels. It’s heavy but still walkable and it’s stunning.

Here are a few non-gowns I bought. The pink dress was 10 php, dirt cheap. The sea foam green dress/top 5 php. The top that looks like the sky with clouds is the same amount and has a gold chain design on the back.

The shoes are way to small but fit until 3/4 of my foot with the heel sticking out (aka Serving Biscuit)


This pencil skirt has stones on the pockets but those stones will be added on to the shoe above cause a simple pencil skirt is great enough on it’s own, no bling needed.


This Bolero jacket was free, FREE! cause I bought quite a few pieces and when I asked how much this cost she said I’ll throw it in for free. She is a god-send.

I have so much more to show but that can wait. I already altered a few pieces and will be showing them here and as well as the accessories I made to partner up with them. I’ve already given out the ones I loved and bought but after taking it home, I din’t love it as much and gave them away.

Hopefully you enjoyed this part of my life. I have a love of clothes and making them that altering thrift store outfits cuts the cost and time it take an make an outfit by hand.

Maybe I’ll create a lookbook, who knows. Youtube is looking like a good option right now but I would need to invest in a good camera to go through with it.

Long Story short, Thanks for reading, Stay Beautiful and Love always.

Ren ❤



My Love of Drag

Heeeey! Here’s another article about one of the growing aspect of my life: Drag!


What combines my love for make-up, fashion and dressing up? Drag!

Drag is not just cross dressing, everyone can cross dress but it takes skill to be a drag queen. Drag is an art and Drag Kings and Queens are artisans. Have you watched Rupaul’s Drag Race? I’m astounded by all the queens and their body of work. The show has been garnering a growing fan base.

I love the artistry that come with each queen. From the makeup to the outfits and the overall look and performance. It leaves me feeling ecstatic. I’ll be talking about my favorite queens below.

Mother Ru

Drag to me is about expression. I’ve Identified myself as a drag queen just this year. I love creating looks and outfits and with drag, there is no limits to creativity. A lot of queens are just so great with their craft like RPDR Season 8 Queen, Kim Chi:


Kim Chi has brought sickening looks to the runway and her makeup skills are just magnificent. Other look queens I can Think of is Manila Luzon.


Manila is both a Fishy Queen and A Look queen. Speaking of Fish:


I can think of one queen who does fish good: Courtney Act. This Ausie Idol queen has brought so much to her season. She is quite memorable with her look. She is a bit bitchy in a ways you wanna punch her but get stopped by her charm. She is just great.

Death Become Her
Season 8 Crowning Look


Violet Chacki is a queen from Season 7 of Drag Race and the winner of her season, Her sorset look abo is by far her best on the show, cinching her waist to 18 inches is no easy feat. Her Nextr look was what she wore at the crowning of Season 8 and it was STUNNING! Her reveal and walk left me gagging, It was just that amazing. She wore the gown and the gown bowed down to her.

She stole the show!

The Hair

Speaking of Season 8 Here’s the Winner. Bob”Purse First” the Drag Queen. She is by far one of the most talented to ever enter the show. She is also an activist with LGBTQ rights and is always involved in the community. She is just inspiring. Not just as a Drag Queen but as a human being too.

The Makeup

The makeup that goes in Drag is no easy feat. These queens where layers and they still look impeccable.

Jinxx Monsoon

I love Jinxx, she is a sweet heart. She rose above Roxxy Andrews who was just mean and ended up winning. In your face Roxxy! I don’t hate Roxxy just her attitude.

Bianca Skunk Cinderella Realness

Jack of all trades Ms. Bianca Del Rio. She is just talent on legs. She is a seamstrss, artist, comedian and all around nice-bi***. She’ll smile while stabbing you with her words.

Ben “Dayla” Creme

Memorable, I relate to Dayla, She has a tendency to get immersed in her character and you see a different person all together and I love her for it.

Adoooore Delano

I adore adore. Enough said. Music skills and charm. P.S She’s a libra!

EAT IT! Latrice Royale

I love Ms Latrice. She is an ordained Minister. She marries of other gay couples and I love her for it. She is large and in charge and she is just a lovable person all around.

MRS. Joslyn Fox

She was in Season 6 with Bianca, Adore, Dayla and Courtney. What made me like her was her kindness and charm She is like adore and Dayla rolled into one. She was often the target of crude jokes and comparisons. I love the way she defended Milk Queen in her season. It was just so nice of her. Plus she got married to her fiance’ during the crowning facilitated by Mama Ru herself.

I love Drag and the queen from RPDR. I will try to hone my craft and share them with you all.

Thanks for reading. Stay Beautiful!

❤ Ren