Lifestyle Guide: Customizing Clothes

Hi everyone! So sorry for the months of hiatus, I have been busy and honestly in a rut. I’ve been so involved in a lot of work related endeavors and personal stuff, so my sincerest apologies.

Today I’ll be continuing my series; Lifestyle Guides, so be sure to check out the first ones if you’re interested.

For this, I’ll be sharing my tips on customizing outfits and this is something that I am passionate about. I’ve written on some occasions that I love to go thrift shopping and I have a lot of clothes that have accumulated over the days, weeks and months I have shopped.


I recently evaluated everything I had acquired and I have a staggering amount of clothes that I saw and loved and some that I thought would look good with some stuff added in or taken off. Please bear in mind these are things that I have tried but it may not work for everyone, as each of us has our own styles.

Let’s begin!

  1. Resizing

This is something anyone can do given you have enough sewing skills or know a relative or friend that can either help take in or give out certain parts of a garment that has this issue. Taking off some length from a dress, a pair of pants, a dress top or anything you want shortened is the easiest to do.

For garments that you really want to wear but is just a teensy bit lacking, you may have to add material or find a part of the garment that has more material and can be seam ripped to give a bit of leeway. For dressed, you may add in a visible zipper(depending on the dress) and that will give ample size and a new take on the dress.

  1. Small detail alteration.

When I say small details, it can range from changing a small part of the garment but will still have minor to great impact with the attire.

These can range to changing the buttons, removing sleeves, adding bows/ribbon/lace and other details such as appliques or flowers.

Try this when you’re trying to decide on whether you want to throw out someting like a blouse or dress. This is about breathing new life into a garment without actually doing much.

  1. Stoning and beading.

This is one of my favorite methods of customizing something. Blinging it out. Though this can get overboard really fast , just keep in mind that  this is not an evening gown except if that’s what your adding details to then go ahead.


Stones can either be sewn or glued, I do both depending on the garment. Experiment before gluing or sewing down so you would have time to rearrange before adding them on permanently.


  1. Repurposing/ Transforming

This is the epitome of customizing. Remaking something and being able to say I made/designed that; Such as making a long skirt a high-low skirt. Making a dress out of a pair of pants and etc, the possibilities are endless.


This would need more experience when doing on your own, read up or watch tutorials and you’re good.  An experienced relative or friend can be great help or have it done professionally if you have the coins to spare.

What I did for the dress above was taking a maxi dress that I already DIY’d before and making it into something new, I made it into a high-low dress with a nice off the shoulder sleeve from the material I got off the bottom section after cutting it into a high-low.

This was the full length
I added these fringes for a more wood-like appearance but took them out.

These are all my tips on customizing outfits. Try it out when you’re purging your wardrobe or see potential in a piece of clothing. You may never know what can happen with a little bit of time and creativity.

Thank you for reading!

❤ Ren.


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