Lifestyle Guide: Money – Saving and Spending Guide (part 1)

Hi everyone! Thanks for reading. This week I’ll be sharing another lifestyle guide with you and it’s one area that I know so well. This article will focus mainly on saving and I do hope you’ll find inspiration to save from this article.

Ever since I was younger, I was taught the value of saving and spending wisely. All throughout my school days from elementary school up to college, I always had the single minded determination to save what I can and spend wisely, the money I had so worked hard to save. This is true even if I’m already employed.

I still practice most of the tips I will share and hope that you find something useful from it.

  • Set a apart small amount in your overall budget:

I was given 100 php as a daily allowance for school during my college days and I would set apart an amount to save before actually spending.

It’s a common practice to save what’s left from whatever amount we spend, but by setting a small amount aside before spending means, there is no rush to be stingy while spending since you already have a small amount set aside.

  • Set apart smaller amounts each day


Considering you’ve already set aside an amount from your initial budget, try to set aside smaller notes or coins when given a chance.

Whenever I receive change that are with crisper bills and shinier coin, I tend to set those aside and exchange the amount for a bigger bill and have that included inn my saving.

The mentality of this is, it’s a small amount and since it’s considered change, it’s automatically an after thought, but if you’re in a pinch, rummage around your bag or purse for any bills or coins you’ve set aside and it will get you out of a pinch when the time comes.

  • Coin jar/bowl


I believe most of you know this but by simply relieving your pockets/ purses of lose change, the amount builds up. Place a jar or bowl by the door and empty any change left in any pockets in your garments.

  • Save lost money found


There is a time that we rummage through our coats and bags and find money we didn’t know we had. It may be best to save but if you need it at that moment, there’s no reason why you can’t spend it.

  • Invest in a good bank

You’ve saved quite a bit but by just setting it aside at home tucked away somewhere, always leaves a temptation to spend it. There maybe a time that it’s convenient to have money stashed at home but it’s a bit risky.

Find a good bank that will help keep your well saved money and help it grow.

I hope you guys found this helpful. Comment on some of the ways you save up and let’s learn from each other. Also comment on topics you want to know more about or need help with.

Till next time! Happy saving!

❤ Ren


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