Lifestyle Guide: Intro and Staying Organized at Home.

Hi everyone, Happy start of the week! It’s been a long, terribly long time since I last updated and I’m here to share a little series I’m going to start. Entitled “Lifestyle Guides”, each update will give you my personal tips and guides to a certain subject.

This one is something I am extremely guilty of, and I believe a few people are too. Like the title says, this guide is about being organized. I will be splitting this into sections cause I want to share ways on a few areas of any persons life not just aspects of the home. For this I will tackle on Home/Room organization.


I am one of many people to have been blessed with my own room but I have so much stuff going on in it that it feels like a storage room rather than a place of rest, albeit I do sleep here (begrudgingly) after a long night of work. Waking up to it is a whole different story.

  1. Managing your space:

My room is fairly sized. My bed take up I’d say 30-40% and I feel that I do need to section of my room to make better use of the space. One area is for my fabric and crafting supplies and the other is for makeup and jewelry.

By sectioning of parts of your room, you may have a better idea where things need to go and it helps organization more in the long run.

  1. Keep your bed and other surfaces clear of clutter:

Clutter can be a great eyesore so clearing as much as possible can make the room/ home appear more appealing. I have days where I had loads of stuff piled on my bed and it did not look pretty.

  1. Declutter:

If you have a lot of stuff and don’t know how to get rid of them, play the 5 second game. Clear out a section, like a closet, vanity or makeup drawer and when putting each item back, hold it for 5 seconds and think,” Do I still want/need this”. If in 5 seconds you say yes then put it back but if you think it over. Automatically separate them and go from there.

Getting rid of stuff is hard, we all have Items of sentimentality or we have that guilt when trying to get rid of stuff but it will help your space and life to feel, somewhat less cluttered.

I try to declutter as much as I can when I have time. Decluttering can be hard (Lord knows) and it’s hard to let go of some things but you need to weigh whether it’s something worth keeping or getting rid of and be firm with it. I’ll write another guide for this but you get the jist right?

  1. Invest in Storage ware:

Organizers help greatly with organization as their supposed to. Buy only the needed ones though because in your attempt to organize, it may be too much of a hassle if done begrudgingly.

Try using recyclable Items and DIY your own organizers. Use things like boxes or Tupperware containers too.

  1. Commit and Be Consistent:

When you start organizing, commit to it. Be as organized as possible and maintain consistency.


 I’ve only written down 5 because I want to break up these guides but expect that each would tie in with each other. With these I can say, are the basic principles to live by when trying to be organized.

I watch YouTube videos of organization hacks and guides and read up on whatever guide I can and each of the guides I’ve written down are what normally circulate around each article or video.

I hope you guys found this helpful. Comment on some of the ways you organize at home and let’s learn from each other. Also comment on topics you want to know more about or need help with.

Stay organized!

❤ Ren


2 thoughts on “Lifestyle Guide: Intro and Staying Organized at Home.

  1. I really like the 5 second rule, i’m going to try that when I next sort my wardrobe out – hopefully soon thanks to the summer weather!


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