Minimalistic Makeup and Makeup Bag

An increasing trend in make up to date, is the use of vast amounts of makeup when doing one’s face. For this article, I’d like to go back to basics where in one can use as little as possible but get the best impact. 

I’ll be sharing with you today my take on a minimalistic makeup look and components of a minimalistic makeup bag.

I will only cover makeup related subjects a skin care is a different article in itself.

If you’d like a Guide on basic makeup please refer to my article on the 5 minute face.

Back to Base-ics.

The starting components of each makeup is the base. Base can range from Foundation to BB creams and tinted moisturizers depending on what type of coverage needs to be desired. If your skin is clear enough, a base may not be needed.

I have limited the base the foundation and BB cream.

BB cream can be used in the day and Foundation or other heavier coverage products can be used in the evening. 

I will not include concealer as this product can be used as base as well.

Powder is what you need to set everything in place be iit translucent or with color. Using one from a Compact can be used for convenience and it won’t eat up much space inside the makeup bag but be warned of breakage.


For color, I suggest using a tint. This can be used both on the cheeks and lips and would provide a very natural look without the need of layering on so much product. Liquid tint or gel can be used being the latter is more concentrated.

The windows to the soul 

This section is for the eyes. I narrowed the choices to just one product. Which is mascara. Mascara for me can be used for the lashes and as liner. Mascara opens up the eyes and make the eyes pop. Be sure to curl them first to get the most out of the product.

Use an angled brush to apply some of the mascara as your liner. 

You can wear the mascara on its own for the day and use it as liner for the night.

As you can see, I have narrowed down a full face using just four products.

Other variations I can suggest will focus on a certain parts of the face.


  • You may add in a single shadow be it powder or cream or use a small palette or a duo,trio or a quad.
  • You may also add in a liquid or gel liner if you want to bring Focus to the eyes.


  • For this I can suggest adding in a highlight. This can give dimension to the face. Focus on the high points of the face and under the brow bone in place of eyeshadow.

  • I mentioned before using a quad of all neutral shades can be used as a face product as well. 


  • You may use the standard lipstick and lip liner combo. You may also use liquid lipsticks that are very popular right now.

That is my take on the minimalistic makeup look and makeup bag. I have often struggled with what type of makeup I should bring each day and to what look I can do, but just by narrowing the choices I can do my makeup quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Let me know in the comments below what type of makeup products you would choose for very minimal look.

I hope my guide helped you in some way.

Stay beautiful!

❤ Ren


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