My Favorites: Beauty

Hello beautifuls. Today I will be sharing my favorites in terms of beauty. This is a mix of both skincare and makeup.


My favorite line of skin care would be from Maxipeel. This is a local brand from the Philippines that focuses more on skin care. I love skin care from this line and I have been using these religiously.

Top picks would be the exfoliating scrub, moisturizer and concealing crème.

I always repurchase these the most. These are very inexpensive, I purchased the sachets more because I get every last drop of product compared to buying the bottles. Buying sachets is more cheaper compared to buying the bottles.

Another favorite of mine that has been a game changer would be the Sophie Paris face mist. Imbued with hyaluronic acid this hahas made major Improvement of with my skin.

Two sprays after taking a bath and before moisturizer give me great results. I have already be repurchased this and I’ll be be purchasing more soon.


I will be categorizing my favorites by type.

I don’t have a favorites for foundation because I’m still trying to find the best for me. Same goes for concealer and powder. I tend to mix things up depending on the weather and the time.

I do have a favorite in terms of BB cream which would be the Maxipeel concealing cream in the shade natural. 


My favorites would be a mix of palletets, a quad and a single.

I have three favorite palettes which would be from Beauty treats, Japan home and Profusion.

These are all small mini pallets break up with me my makeup bag. Which part is unique and each one gives a different look depending on what I’m going for.

Beauty treats: 03/smoky – this is a new pallet I recently purchased and I’m loving so far. For me this palette is true to its name, I can achieve a mix of dark Smokies and neutral Smokies from this one pallet.

I love how it’s arranged. Half are the darker more classic smokey and the other half are the neutrals.

The other one doesn’t have a specific name but I got it at Japan home. The looks I get here are very subtle. These are pigmented enough the show on the eyes but not be too harsh.

Last on is my Profusion palette. I use this for pops of color. These are all very shimmery shades and a few satin finish ones.

The quad is from L’Oreal. Its the quad Diane’s Neutrals and this also becomes a face palette is needed. The top 2 are for highlight and a mix of the bottom 2 are contour.

The single is from Jordana and it’s in the shade, Ms. Brown. I use this as a one shadow look on lazy days.


My favorite or favorites would be from Santee and Max Factor.

Santee baked mineral blush in 03

Max Factor blush in cremepuff.

Those are very glowey and give my face a fresh appearance. Nuff said 🙂


My go-to would be from the brand Apple. I already bought 3 tubes so far. I have tried other brands but none giveme the same effect as this’s just that good. As long as it’s being sold here, I will continue to buy it.

Lipstick and lipgloss:

For lipsticks my favorite would be the brand I purchased from Tupperware which is there colorfull line.

They nail Packaging and have really good pigmentation.

Another one would be from Max Factor. I forgot the shade but it’s this beautiful Creamy red. 

Lipgloss, out ofof all I tried I’d have to sa the L.A gril shimmer glosses gget reached for most often. I have 2 for now in the shades nude and Sugar Twist. Love!

And that’s it. I hoped you enjoyed reading I really do love these products and will continue to use these for as long as they are available. 

Let me know what your thoughts are and what your favorite beauty products are.

Stay beautiful! 

❤ Ren


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