Lifestyle Guide: Customizing Clothes

Hi everyone! So sorry for the months of hiatus, I have been busy and honestly in a rut. I’ve been so involved in a lot of work related endeavors and personal stuff, so my sincerest apologies.

Today I’ll be continuing my series; Lifestyle Guides, so be sure to check out the first ones if you’re interested.

For this, I’ll be sharing my tips on customizing outfits and this is something that I am passionate about. I’ve written on some occasions that I love to go thrift shopping and I have a lot of clothes that have accumulated over the days, weeks and months I have shopped.


I recently evaluated everything I had acquired and I have a staggering amount of clothes that I saw and loved and some that I thought would look good with some stuff added in or taken off. Please bear in mind these are things that I have tried but it may not work for everyone, as each of us has our own styles.

Let’s begin!

  1. Resizing

This is something anyone can do given you have enough sewing skills or know a relative or friend that can either help take in or give out certain parts of a garment that has this issue. Taking off some length from a dress, a pair of pants, a dress top or anything you want shortened is the easiest to do.

For garments that you really want to wear but is just a teensy bit lacking, you may have to add material or find a part of the garment that has more material and can be seam ripped to give a bit of leeway. For dressed, you may add in a visible zipper(depending on the dress) and that will give ample size and a new take on the dress.

  1. Small detail alteration.

When I say small details, it can range from changing a small part of the garment but will still have minor to great impact with the attire.

These can range to changing the buttons, removing sleeves, adding bows/ribbon/lace and other details such as appliques or flowers.

Try this when you’re trying to decide on whether you want to throw out someting like a blouse or dress. This is about breathing new life into a garment without actually doing much.

  1. Stoning and beading.

This is one of my favorite methods of customizing something. Blinging it out. Though this can get overboard really fast , just keep in mind that  this is not an evening gown except if that’s what your adding details to then go ahead.


Stones can either be sewn or glued, I do both depending on the garment. Experiment before gluing or sewing down so you would have time to rearrange before adding them on permanently.


  1. Repurposing/ Transforming

This is the epitome of customizing. Remaking something and being able to say I made/designed that; Such as making a long skirt a high-low skirt. Making a dress out of a pair of pants and etc, the possibilities are endless.


This would need more experience when doing on your own, read up or watch tutorials and you’re good.  An experienced relative or friend can be great help or have it done professionally if you have the coins to spare.

What I did for the dress above was taking a maxi dress that I already DIY’d before and making it into something new, I made it into a high-low dress with a nice off the shoulder sleeve from the material I got off the bottom section after cutting it into a high-low.

This was the full length
I added these fringes for a more wood-like appearance but took them out.

These are all my tips on customizing outfits. Try it out when you’re purging your wardrobe or see potential in a piece of clothing. You may never know what can happen with a little bit of time and creativity.

Thank you for reading!

❤ Ren.

Lifestyle Guide: Money – Saving and Spending Guide (part 1)

Hi everyone! Thanks for reading. This week I’ll be sharing another lifestyle guide with you and it’s one area that I know so well. This article will focus mainly on saving and I do hope you’ll find inspiration to save from this article.

Ever since I was younger, I was taught the value of saving and spending wisely. All throughout my school days from elementary school up to college, I always had the single minded determination to save what I can and spend wisely, the money I had so worked hard to save. This is true even if I’m already employed.

I still practice most of the tips I will share and hope that you find something useful from it.

  • Set a apart small amount in your overall budget:

I was given 100 php as a daily allowance for school during my college days and I would set apart an amount to save before actually spending.

It’s a common practice to save what’s left from whatever amount we spend, but by setting a small amount aside before spending means, there is no rush to be stingy while spending since you already have a small amount set aside.

  • Set apart smaller amounts each day


Considering you’ve already set aside an amount from your initial budget, try to set aside smaller notes or coins when given a chance.

Whenever I receive change that are with crisper bills and shinier coin, I tend to set those aside and exchange the amount for a bigger bill and have that included inn my saving.

The mentality of this is, it’s a small amount and since it’s considered change, it’s automatically an after thought, but if you’re in a pinch, rummage around your bag or purse for any bills or coins you’ve set aside and it will get you out of a pinch when the time comes.

  • Coin jar/bowl


I believe most of you know this but by simply relieving your pockets/ purses of lose change, the amount builds up. Place a jar or bowl by the door and empty any change left in any pockets in your garments.

  • Save lost money found


There is a time that we rummage through our coats and bags and find money we didn’t know we had. It may be best to save but if you need it at that moment, there’s no reason why you can’t spend it.

  • Invest in a good bank

You’ve saved quite a bit but by just setting it aside at home tucked away somewhere, always leaves a temptation to spend it. There maybe a time that it’s convenient to have money stashed at home but it’s a bit risky.

Find a good bank that will help keep your well saved money and help it grow.

I hope you guys found this helpful. Comment on some of the ways you save up and let’s learn from each other. Also comment on topics you want to know more about or need help with.

Till next time! Happy saving!

❤ Ren

Lifestyle Guide: Intro and Staying Organized at Home.

Hi everyone, Happy start of the week! It’s been a long, terribly long time since I last updated and I’m here to share a little series I’m going to start. Entitled “Lifestyle Guides”, each update will give you my personal tips and guides to a certain subject.

This one is something I am extremely guilty of, and I believe a few people are too. Like the title says, this guide is about being organized. I will be splitting this into sections cause I want to share ways on a few areas of any persons life not just aspects of the home. For this I will tackle on Home/Room organization.


I am one of many people to have been blessed with my own room but I have so much stuff going on in it that it feels like a storage room rather than a place of rest, albeit I do sleep here (begrudgingly) after a long night of work. Waking up to it is a whole different story.

  1. Managing your space:

My room is fairly sized. My bed take up I’d say 30-40% and I feel that I do need to section of my room to make better use of the space. One area is for my fabric and crafting supplies and the other is for makeup and jewelry.

By sectioning of parts of your room, you may have a better idea where things need to go and it helps organization more in the long run.

  1. Keep your bed and other surfaces clear of clutter:

Clutter can be a great eyesore so clearing as much as possible can make the room/ home appear more appealing. I have days where I had loads of stuff piled on my bed and it did not look pretty.

  1. Declutter:

If you have a lot of stuff and don’t know how to get rid of them, play the 5 second game. Clear out a section, like a closet, vanity or makeup drawer and when putting each item back, hold it for 5 seconds and think,” Do I still want/need this”. If in 5 seconds you say yes then put it back but if you think it over. Automatically separate them and go from there.

Getting rid of stuff is hard, we all have Items of sentimentality or we have that guilt when trying to get rid of stuff but it will help your space and life to feel, somewhat less cluttered.

I try to declutter as much as I can when I have time. Decluttering can be hard (Lord knows) and it’s hard to let go of some things but you need to weigh whether it’s something worth keeping or getting rid of and be firm with it. I’ll write another guide for this but you get the jist right?

  1. Invest in Storage ware:

Organizers help greatly with organization as their supposed to. Buy only the needed ones though because in your attempt to organize, it may be too much of a hassle if done begrudgingly.

Try using recyclable Items and DIY your own organizers. Use things like boxes or Tupperware containers too.

  1. Commit and Be Consistent:

When you start organizing, commit to it. Be as organized as possible and maintain consistency.


 I’ve only written down 5 because I want to break up these guides but expect that each would tie in with each other. With these I can say, are the basic principles to live by when trying to be organized.

I watch YouTube videos of organization hacks and guides and read up on whatever guide I can and each of the guides I’ve written down are what normally circulate around each article or video.

I hope you guys found this helpful. Comment on some of the ways you organize at home and let’s learn from each other. Also comment on topics you want to know more about or need help with.

Stay organized!

❤ Ren

Sunday Beauty Haul


Hey Beauties, I’ve been in such a rut with uploading new articles. Things have been stressful but at least there is a new day with each sunrise.

Today I’ll be sharing a way overdo article on a few hauls I made in the past.


I got most of these from various places such as my favorite dollar store, catalogs, drugstores and stores. I’ll share a few of the ones that I’ve been using since I’ve got them.


This is the Maybeline Clearsmooth All-in-one powder foundation in the to go size. The shade is in 03 Natural. Per the packaging:

  • 5x more oil Control
  • Higher UV Protection
  • Smoother even skin
  • Clear Blemish-Free Skin
  • Good Coverage.

My Thoughts: Since I’ve started using this, I’d say it’s good, it does what the packaging says. The shade is a bit lighter for my skin on it’s own but add greater coverage and setting over a bb cream or foundation. It’s more of a powder for me but I’ll keep using it for further thoughts. The mirror is the same size as the compact and I love how compact it is. The sponge included is meh but the product overall is good.


This gloss is something I bought at Watsons and it’s a specific brand to the store. This is the True Color Gloss in Sakura pink. Per packaging:

Get Glamorous shiny pink lips with the Watson’s True Color Lipgloss in Sakura Pink. Its special formulation contains a blend of ingredients to moisturize and soften the lips:

  • Shea butter and olive oil help with moisture
  • Vit C and Q10 help make lips brighter and more radiant
  • Lips appear fuller with glittering gold shimmer
  • Vit E and sunflower oil keep lips soft and supple.

My thoughts: It’s ok,  Still testing it out. It’s got a mild scent and no flavor. My lips do look good with it on, decent wear time. has a bit of a sticky feeling but comfortable as it wears.


This is the Santee baked mineral blushes in 01. This is the lightest shade in the line and I’ve collected for of these, this one included. I love these as they are great highligters and blush toppers. They sold quickly though. I came back a few days later and they were sold out at the dollar store.


This is the Quick FX tinted moisturizer. I’ve only started using this and I am amazed. It’s like a mix of a primer, moisturizer and bb cream at the same time. I saw a change in my under eye after first use and was like wowed.

For the rest I bought a nail file, powder puff, a few tubes of lipstick(to be reviewed) a few craft supples and my first ever cream shadow(more on that soon)

That’s it for this haul. Hope you liked it. I’ll be sharing more soon now I’m typing on a keyboard again.

Til next time! Stay Beautiful!

❤ Brie


Minimalistic Makeup and Makeup Bag

An increasing trend in make up to date, is the use of vast amounts of makeup when doing one’s face. For this article, I’d like to go back to basics where in one can use as little as possible but get the best impact. 

I’ll be sharing with you today my take on a minimalistic makeup look and components of a minimalistic makeup bag.

I will only cover makeup related subjects a skin care is a different article in itself.

If you’d like a Guide on basic makeup please refer to my article on the 5 minute face.

Back to Base-ics.

The starting components of each makeup is the base. Base can range from Foundation to BB creams and tinted moisturizers depending on what type of coverage needs to be desired. If your skin is clear enough, a base may not be needed.

I have limited the base the foundation and BB cream.

BB cream can be used in the day and Foundation or other heavier coverage products can be used in the evening. 

I will not include concealer as this product can be used as base as well.

Powder is what you need to set everything in place be iit translucent or with color. Using one from a Compact can be used for convenience and it won’t eat up much space inside the makeup bag but be warned of breakage.


For color, I suggest using a tint. This can be used both on the cheeks and lips and would provide a very natural look without the need of layering on so much product. Liquid tint or gel can be used being the latter is more concentrated.

The windows to the soul 

This section is for the eyes. I narrowed the choices to just one product. Which is mascara. Mascara for me can be used for the lashes and as liner. Mascara opens up the eyes and make the eyes pop. Be sure to curl them first to get the most out of the product.

Use an angled brush to apply some of the mascara as your liner. 

You can wear the mascara on its own for the day and use it as liner for the night.

As you can see, I have narrowed down a full face using just four products.

Other variations I can suggest will focus on a certain parts of the face.


  • You may add in a single shadow be it powder or cream or use a small palette or a duo,trio or a quad.
  • You may also add in a liquid or gel liner if you want to bring Focus to the eyes.


  • For this I can suggest adding in a highlight. This can give dimension to the face. Focus on the high points of the face and under the brow bone in place of eyeshadow.

  • I mentioned before using a quad of all neutral shades can be used as a face product as well. 


  • You may use the standard lipstick and lip liner combo. You may also use liquid lipsticks that are very popular right now.

That is my take on the minimalistic makeup look and makeup bag. I have often struggled with what type of makeup I should bring each day and to what look I can do, but just by narrowing the choices I can do my makeup quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Let me know in the comments below what type of makeup products you would choose for very minimal look.

I hope my guide helped you in some way.

Stay beautiful!

❤ Ren

A Haul to Remember

Hi everyone. Today i will be sharing one of the biggest hauls I had done in a long while. I won’t go into specifics and go through each at different articles (keep a lookout for them) so I can go into details better.

I got quite an assortment. Ranging from craft supplies, beauty supplies and clothes to DIY.

I am going to remodel a pair of shoes I have and make more jewelry or at least try. 🙂

Neede a new bag. Lip products galore below.

A few came with a gift bag. 😀

I promise to go in more details soon.

For now Stay beautiful and enjoy your day or night wherever you are.

❤ Ren.

My Favorites: Beauty

Hello beautifuls. Today I will be sharing my favorites in terms of beauty. This is a mix of both skincare and makeup.


My favorite line of skin care would be from Maxipeel. This is a local brand from the Philippines that focuses more on skin care. I love skin care from this line and I have been using these religiously.

Top picks would be the exfoliating scrub, moisturizer and concealing crème.

I always repurchase these the most. These are very inexpensive, I purchased the sachets more because I get every last drop of product compared to buying the bottles. Buying sachets is more cheaper compared to buying the bottles.

Another favorite of mine that has been a game changer would be the Sophie Paris face mist. Imbued with hyaluronic acid this hahas made major Improvement of with my skin.

Two sprays after taking a bath and before moisturizer give me great results. I have already be repurchased this and I’ll be be purchasing more soon.


I will be categorizing my favorites by type.

I don’t have a favorites for foundation because I’m still trying to find the best for me. Same goes for concealer and powder. I tend to mix things up depending on the weather and the time.

I do have a favorite in terms of BB cream which would be the Maxipeel concealing cream in the shade natural. 


My favorites would be a mix of palletets, a quad and a single.

I have three favorite palettes which would be from Beauty treats, Japan home and Profusion.

These are all small mini pallets break up with me my makeup bag. Which part is unique and each one gives a different look depending on what I’m going for.

Beauty treats: 03/smoky – this is a new pallet I recently purchased and I’m loving so far. For me this palette is true to its name, I can achieve a mix of dark Smokies and neutral Smokies from this one pallet.

I love how it’s arranged. Half are the darker more classic smokey and the other half are the neutrals.

The other one doesn’t have a specific name but I got it at Japan home. The looks I get here are very subtle. These are pigmented enough the show on the eyes but not be too harsh.

Last on is my Profusion palette. I use this for pops of color. These are all very shimmery shades and a few satin finish ones.

The quad is from L’Oreal. Its the quad Diane’s Neutrals and this also becomes a face palette is needed. The top 2 are for highlight and a mix of the bottom 2 are contour.

The single is from Jordana and it’s in the shade, Ms. Brown. I use this as a one shadow look on lazy days.


My favorite or favorites would be from Santee and Max Factor.

Santee baked mineral blush in 03

Max Factor blush in cremepuff.

Those are very glowey and give my face a fresh appearance. Nuff said 🙂


My go-to would be from the brand Apple. I already bought 3 tubes so far. I have tried other brands but none giveme the same effect as this’s just that good. As long as it’s being sold here, I will continue to buy it.

Lipstick and lipgloss:

For lipsticks my favorite would be the brand I purchased from Tupperware which is there colorfull line.

They nail Packaging and have really good pigmentation.

Another one would be from Max Factor. I forgot the shade but it’s this beautiful Creamy red. 

Lipgloss, out ofof all I tried I’d have to sa the L.A gril shimmer glosses gget reached for most often. I have 2 for now in the shades nude and Sugar Twist. Love!

And that’s it. I hoped you enjoyed reading I really do love these products and will continue to use these for as long as they are available. 

Let me know what your thoughts are and what your favorite beauty products are.

Stay beautiful! 

❤ Ren

What’s New Wednesday

I have seen and heard a few people talking about certain products from Beauty Treats and after my local dollar store stocked up on this little gem, I grabbed the chance to get it.

This is their 12 eyeshadow pallette. Their regular ones with a mix of matte and shimmers and a few satin finish ones too. There is just 1 matte shade here and the rest have some form of shimmer.

This is in 04-smoky. Lots of smokey neutrals. A mix of warm and cool shades and quality is great. You can divide this into a mix of duos, trios and quads. Take the top 3 shades on the left, classic black smokey. Combinations are endless.

This is a new base I bought from a coworker. It’s Etude houses bb-dation. A 8 in one product that feels like a bb cream but later develops into aa foundation. If that makes sense. No shade range and it’s a very light almost white base but eventually mixes in with the skin. Testing this out, review to come.

This is the colorfull lipstick, sheer and shine lipstick. This is a lipstick that is supposed to be a sheer finish lipstick.

Mine would be in the shade: Allure. A deep pink with gold shimmer mixed in. This feels like a balm/gloss highbrid. This goes on sheer but color show up sfter a bibit. Color is buildable.

I wore these to work and they held out great. Classic black smokey and neutral other colors made for an easy look. Lipstick needed to be reapplied but over all great quality for each.

Sorry to be late. Pictures couldn’t be uploaded fast enough. 

Thanks for reading.

More to come soon. Stay Beautiful!

❤ Ren

I’m Back

After months of being witwithout my computer or phone, I’m ready to come back. My gadgets broke so I wasn’t compelled to update as much. Typing on a screen isn’t what I would usually do because I feel that typing on a keyboard feels much better but for now I’ll make due.

I’ll be posting a nnew article tonight for my What’s New Wednesdays. I have sso much to share.

Stay Beautiful!

Love, Ren.

Tuesday Update: DIY Magnetic Earrings

Hi Everyone, It’s been a while and I have so much to share.


My Phone and camera got damaged so I was handicapped on blogging for a while. Here we go 🙂

I love Rupaul’s Drag race and especially the new Season (All Starts 2) has gotten me hooked. One of the reasons I love watching the show is seeing their transformations. The outfits, the makeup , the jewelry and all that is something I look forward to when watching the show.

Drag queens are over the top with what they do, well most of them. Jewelry is no exception. Massive earring, necklaces, ring and bracelets are part of a drag queen’s arsenal and I thought, “why don’t I make my own?” And here is how I did just that. Plus I don’t have piercings and Clip ons are scarce here.



Try to find ones with varying Sizes. The ones here are just one size, somewhat large.

Remember: The larger the magnet, the greater the surface Area to add in Stones.


Find varying sizes and imagine up some good combinations with the stones you have. You may use costume jewelry as well.


I used a gel adhesive super glue. You may use the E6000 if you have it. I don’t because it sold out locally T-T


Give it some shine with clear polish or paint the magnet to make it less noticeable.


  • Take two magnets and pull them apart. Find the sides that connect and mark them. These will close around the ear so that they stay in place. Be careful with this because if you use the side that repels, it will just be a bit of a waste.
  • One magnet will have the stones the other will be the back. Decide which is which and start gluing your stones on there. I use A giant one or a cabuchon like the rose ones I showed earlier and your done.
  • For the back piece you can glue a more simple stone at the backing.
  • You may also use a small loop of wire for a more customizable piece:

Try to be creative and use other things such as old earring and stuff you see at a craft store. Have fun and be creative.

I hoped you like this. Please leave a like or comment. I’ll be showcasing the ones I’ve made in a future article.


Stay Beautiful and creative.

❤ Ren